Ecodesign and LCA

The design process usually determines 80% of the environmental impact generated by a product or a service.

The eco-design approach enables a global vision of a product by extending the study to its entire life cycle and including the environmental issues in the design phase. The focus moves from a product-oriented approach to an approach centered on the social and environmental network in which the product is conceived. This is referred to as Life Cycle Design, which is the process responsible for assessing and defining all stages of the life cycle of the product through a ‘cradle to cradle’ circular pathway.

We support our clients during the entire design process in understanding and reducing the environmental impact of their products

Energy-related Products Directive 2009/125/CE

The ErP Directive 2009/125/CE is a key element of EU policy for improving the energy-related and the environmental performances of products within the Internal Market. The Directive defines conditions and criteria for setting implementing measures. It also encourages the integration of eco-design in small and medium-sized enterprises through easy access to information related to the sustainability of their products.

ISO 14006

ISO 14006:2020 provides guidelines to assist organisations in establishing, documenting, implementing, maintaining and continually improving their management of eco-design as part of an environmental management system (EMS). ISO 14006:2011 is intended to be used by organisations that have implemented an EMS in accordance with ISO 14001, but can help in integrating eco-design in other management systems.


The Eco Audit Procedure is a useful tool either in a preliminary design analysis, when it is necessary to choose from among different design solutions, or for performing a real-time environmental assessment of the different project scenarios. This allows designers to manage the decision-making phase by taking into account the environmental burden connected with the scenario.

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