Environmental management

Lomartov guides environmental management studies and strategies for sustainable forest management (SFM), sustainable agriculture and water technology.

Within this purpose, LOMARTOV has set up 3 pilot sites to test and assess new technologies and management procedures for the primary sector.


Demo Zone

LOMARTOV owns its on Forest  (more than 150 hectares)  and has stablished a zone for DEMO of technologies and forest surveillance prototypes, including:

  • Sensors for early forest fire alert
  • Monitoring technology.
  • Recovery and reforestation 3D mapping of forest mass and resources.

Moreover, LOMARTOV pursues the following objectives in its pilot areas:

  • Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Monitoring and Reporting
  • Monitoring, assessing and reporting on implementation of sustainable forest management, as well as scientific analysis.
  • Pilot studies : Forest land degradation, Forest fragmentation, Common forest bird species
  • Data collection: Forest carbon, Regeneration

Digital forest Twin

We offer digital twin solution, digital representation of the physical world and its dynamics – visualisation, simulation, planning, optimisation and decision making- for optimising the forest based supply chain. The outcomes can be tested and optimised at a much lower cost.

Activities and Technology in our PILOTS.

  • Digital cartography and land planning.
  • Installing advanced fire and environment sensors.
  • Integrating ICT solutions to map sensors and match satellite information.
biotechnology soil

Biotechnology for soil

This technology is coupled with a multidisciplinary approach:

  • Multiscale models for materials interaction to assess toxicity. Materials multiscale modeling.
  • Materials solutions for bioremediation.
  • Application of spectroscopic techniques for monitoring microbial diversity and bioremediation.

Water technology

Water technology, waste water management and
water purification:

  • Advanced water management by modeling and process optimization.
  • Hydrogeological modeling and contaminant transport; water balances and investigation of contaminated soil properties.
  • Processing plant design, certification, operation and implementation.
biotechnology water

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