Nano-catalysts for heavy duty applications

LIFE-CAT4HEAVY project, funded by the EU LIFE Programme, will implement the use of Innovative Catalyst Based Emission Control System on Heavy Vehicles, which will significantly impact the environment, dramatically reducing GHG and air pollutant emissions.

ObjectiveImplement the use of Innovative Catalyst Based Emission Control System on Heavy Vehicles
Ref.LIFE17 ENV/GR/000352

This will allow for their adherence to the requirement standards set by the EU for air quality and emissions levels. The reduction in toxic emissions is achieved by the use of nanotechnology for the production of multi-metallic catalytic substrates. During the project implementation, this innovative catalytic technology will be demonstrated (in real conditions) on 30 vehicles of the Municipality of Galatsi (Greece), the Public Company of Waste Management of the Port of Genova (Italy) and the Public Transport Company of Mantua Region (Italy). These 30 vehicles will be upgraded as per the European emissions measuring system from EURO IV to EURO VI. It is estimated that the specific upgrade of the heavy vehicles will result in 95% reduction of the main toxic emissions, such as micro particles (PM2.5) and nitrogen oxides (NOx). The project aims to demonstrate that the use of this innovative nano-catalytic devices may result to the modernization of Heavy-Duty Vehicle fleets of local public or other public authorities, as well as to their adherence to the targets set for the emissions levels. In order to accomplish this aim, a feasibility study will be performed to assess its financial feasibility towards of its upscaling or industrialization. Finally, the project aims to influence policy decision makers and push forward the EU emission regulation policy and legislation for Heavy Duty Vehicles.

Lomartov, through its SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS branch

Is carrying out a full environmental, economic and social assessment, by means of life cycle assessment methodology, to quantify the sustainability performance of CAT4HEAVY novel catalytic system. All these results will be employed to communicate and disseminate project benefits to policy makers and citizens, and will reinforce the value proposition of the new technology, facilitating market uptake.


The LIFE CAT4HEAVY project (Grant Agreement no. LIFE17 ENV/GR/000352) has received funding from the LIFE programme of the European Union.