Innovation and Networking Days on Battery Technologies & E-Vehicles organised by LOMARTOV

On the following 17th – 19th  of May 2022, LOMARTOV team will organise the Innovation and Networking days on Battery Technologies & E-Vehicles (EV) within the framework of i-HeCoBatt and ASTRABAT EU projects and the Permanent Seminar of Energetic Transition and Industrial Competitiveness of the University of Santiago de Compostela (SPERTUS).

The event will offer a framework for policymakers, researchers and companies relevant in “Green Electromobility & Batteries” to share knowledge on the latest technological innovations and to cluster and promote the emergence of novel R&I proposals. Three major acts will constitute the global event:

  • Electromobility Technology Workshop: Driving a Greener Value Chain – The main objective of the workshop will be to gather key stakeholders and relevant projects on the topic of Green Electric Vehicles and to bring into the spotlight the latest innovations in the field of the components for EV, and in general the green electromobility, presenting the outstanding results of i-HeCoBatt project (grant agreement No. 824300), coordinated by CIDETEC Energy Storage.
  • B2B and SPERTUS seminar – A hands-on session will be held to brainstorm on future technologies for batteries and EVs, aiming to identify synergisms and join forces towards new challenges foundation. The conclusions achieved will be gathered into the White paper to guide the future technologies for batteries and the EV in the EU funding context.
  • ASTRABAT (grant agreement No. 875029, coordinated by CEA) Satellite Event reserved to the project consortium – Co-creation of the Life Cycle Inventory of new Li-ion battery with the cell manufacturers. Through this workshop, industrialisation challenges will be addressed to assess new all-solid-sate battery economic and ecologic profiles in an updated real case.

If you are interested in sustainable solutions for transport, the future of mobility and the electric vehicles battery value chain, we invite you to book your trip to Valencia (Spain).

LOMARTOV´s team and the partners from SPERTUS seminar, i-HeCoBatt and ASTRABAT projects are looking forward to seeing you at this event.

The full agenda with all sessions and speakers is available using this link | REGISTER HERE!

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Part of the event has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824300 and under grant agreement No 875029