Strategies for health protection, pollution Control and Elimination of Next generAtion RefractIve Organic chemicals from the Soil, vadose zone and water.

SCENARIOS will provide a complete set of sustainable solutions to protect health, environment and natural resources from persistent and mobile chemicals.

ObjectiveDevise and demonstrate a comprehensive set of technological solutions to address the detection, (bio)monitoring, long-term toxicity, risk assessment, pollution control and remediation of Per- and Poly Fluoro Alkyl Substances (PFASs).
Ref.H2020-LC-GD-2020-3- SCENARIOS-GA-101037509

In recent years, toxic pollutants have increased awareness of their potential adverse effects on human health. Environmental contaminant exposure significantly contributes to diseases such as cancer, vascular, neurodegenerative illness, inflammatory diseases, allergies and immune system disorders, which constitute the main health burden in economically developed countries.

SCENARIOS aims to fill the knowledge gap and offer an innovative approach with autonomous and autosostenibles green technologies. The project will evaluate and develop cutting-edge strategies and solutions for detection, quantification, control, and elimination of PFAS from the soil, vadose zone, and water by pursuing outcomes and seamlessly integrating into the circular economies of EU countries worldwide.

The industrial core of SCENARIOS will enable four demonstrations (case studies) within EU industries and a public health institution stepping forward a set of industrial and societal sectors where pollutant remediation and health surveillance have excellent potential for the Green Deal implementation.

Within the project, LOMARTOV is responsible for numerous tasks:

  • Contribute to the full environmental impact and life cycle assessment (LCA) of the proposed pilot solutions linked to a cost analysis (LCC).
  • Assess the social impact dimension of SCENARIOS’ solutions through the study of the social acceptability and the socio-economic impact assessment, involving all types of stakeholders around PFAS contamination.
  • Evaluate the environmental feasibility and wider application of SCENARIOS’ solutions through a cost-benefit analysis, revealing the overall benefits of the project implementation.
  • Lead the set of activities that will ensure and enhance the market uptake of the project green technologies into the EU and international market, i.e., identification and management of the exploitable results; analysis of the applicable market and design of the business models; management of the IPR issues and guidance for the continuation of SCENARIOS after the project through private and public fundings and investments.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s H2020 programme under Grant Agreement No. 101037509.

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