Smart solutions for cost-burning heat exchangers

Advances in thermal systems are heating up. The EU-funded i-HeCoBatt project is developing a smart, cost-bursting industrial battery heat exchanger that can minimise the impact on full electric vehicle range in extreme conditions.

ObjectiveTo achieve a smart, cost bursting industrial battery heat exchanger to minimize the impact on full electric vehicle range in extreme conditions.
Ref.H2020-LC-GV-2018-iHeCoBatt-GA 824300

More specifically, it will replace expensive components with cheaper ones and reduce the number of parts. The aim will be to increase the e-powertrain overall efficiency by up to 5 % and to reduce costs by 20 %. The battery pack will benefit from this novel heat and cooling system which boasts customised printed sensors embedded in the heat exchanger and associated software together with an improved adaptive thermal management system performance. Interfaces will also be developed to facilitate access to the data.

Lomartov is focussed on the eco-design, LCA and LCC

In i- HeCoBatt, LOMARTOV is focussed on the eco-design, LCA and LCC approach that will be applied in every manufacturing Work Package in order to guide all tasks development in a sustainable frame. Moreover, LOMARTOV is leading the Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation Work Package, ensuring that i-HeCoBatt has an effective and efficient international exposure through appropriate measures.


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