Sustainable Solutions

Ecodesign and LCA

The eco-design approach allows a global vision of a product by extending the study throughout its entire life cycle and including environmental issues in the design phase. The approach shifts from a product-oriented approach to an approach focused on the social and environmental network in which the product is conceived. This is known as Life Cycle Design, which is the process responsible for evaluating and defining all stages of the product life cycle through a circular “cradle-to-cradle” path.


We support our clients in understanding, reducing and communicating the environmental impact of their processes, products and services.

Environmental management

We offer a digital twin solution, digital representation of the physical world and its dynamics (visualization, simulation, planning, optimization and decision making) to optimize the forest supply chain. Results can be tested and optimized at much lower cost.

Green Marketing

Graphic design is an instrument through which companies can effectively communicate their commitment to sustainability. That is why we develop customized solutions for environmental communications and green marketing. These solutions include websites, infographics, books, posters, and brochures.

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